Volunteers Meet

After 10 years of having a Gardening Club in the village, our committee has handed over to a group of volunteers to continue the group onwards next season. Monday 30th April saw the first meeting of our group, and what a productive meeting it was.

There was lots of new ideas at the meeting, but we came away wanting to keep all the activities you know. It was evident that more activities and an update in communication was needed to entice new members and enter a new era for the village growers and gardeners. With the rejuvination, came a new name. Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners was born.

Although a lot was discussed at the first meeting, the key decisions that were made relied around communication and transparency, and hopefully if you are reading this, we’ve done something right. We have decided to put together a brand new website to keep you informed of how the group progresses, activities that are happening and everything you need to know before next season. We may even throw in some hints and tips!

With the new communications came the ever present update to data protection, GDPR. Hopefully by now you have heard all about it, and the volunteers are hard at work to ensure we meet the new legislation. More on this to follow as we develop.

That is all for now, but keep checking the new website to keep up to date.

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