Rachel Barrowcliffe – Lasagne Layering
Rachel Barrowcliffe – Lasagne Layering

Rachel Barrowcliffe – Lasagne Layering

Well, I think we can all agree the second meeting of Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners was a roaring success. We were so pleased to have nearly 50 people in the room, despite the grim weather on Monday night. It seems that even wind and rain cant stand between a Bishop Gardener and the chance for an information packed talk and a glass of wine. If you just want a catch up or you have a slightly blurred version of the night after raiding the wine, this catch up is for you.

So as we have mentioned twice already in this post, one of our major developments of this meeting was we can now serve wine. You can now sit down and enjoy the talk with a nice glass of sunshine, be it red or white at 2.50 a glass. Of course all money raised through the sale of wine, hot drinks and cake is put straight back into the events at the club.

A quick catch up from Anne, Pam and Ricky about future events, raffles and the introduction of an assosiation with timmermans garden centre. Remember, members just need to show their card at checkout and they receive 10% off full priced plants, sundries and in the restaurant. Then it was straight into Rachel’s information packed talk – here is our quick overview and top ten tips:

Rachel MCIHort ( Member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture) has over 30 yrs experience as a professional self employed gardener and is an adviser to among others Sir Andrew and Lady Buchanan at Hodsock Priory and the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre Anston.Rachel is happy to answer garden  questions rb@iwantabeautifulgarden.co.ukDon’t forget to check out her website too –www.iwantabeautifulgarden.co.uk It was brilliant to see Rachel’s enthusiasm in everything she did, and the practical element of her talk was really informative, giving us an opportunity to see a true expert in action. As well as that, we were extremely grateful to offer the demonstration pot as a raffle prize. I am sure we all took something away from Rachel’s talk, but here are our top ten hints and tips from the evening.

  1. Do not prune any Prunus trees in Autumn
  2. Cut large branches of trees back gradually, to the collar
  3. Prune roses to an outward facing bud
  4. Prune away dead wood on roses back to a green bud
  5. Take hardwood cuttings and propagate in a trench with a fine layer of sand in the bottom.
  6. Aerate a Lawn, don’t use fast growing lawn seed.
  7. Mulch with chopped organic straw wheat ‘Strulch’
  8. Lasagne planting for either one big event, or longevity of blooming
  9. Keep brown jacket on tulips for protection
  10. Leave inch of soil from top of pot, cover with chicken wire in case of pesky squirrels

Again, there was much more information in Rachel’s talk, but we just picked our top ten hints and tips. Next month’s meeting is on Monday November 18th at 7:30. The talk is World of Ferns from Neil Timm. Neil will also be bringing ferns along for purchase too.