Meeting 3 – Rachel Barrowcliffe
Meeting 3 – Rachel Barrowcliffe

Meeting 3 – Rachel Barrowcliffe

It’s always a pleasure to see Rachel stood at the front of the old school. You know you are in for an exciting talk with lots of tips and hints to help you over the next year. No matter who is in the audience, I’m pretty certain in Rachel’s talks, everyone walks away with something new to try.

So why grow in containers? Mainly, they help us use spaces that you cannot normally cannot. Be it because of patios, shade, frost, lack of space, or more likely the horrible Nottingham clay. I’m pretty certain most gardens have at least one pot. So here’s our top ten take-aways to help you next year.

  1. Use water absorbing granules especially in hanging baskets
    2.Us the thriller, spiller, filler method
    thriller should be twice the height of the pot
  2. Can be done with 4 plants
  3. Put a pot in your trolley and add plants in the garden center
  4. Use alpines in a pot – John Innes #3 with extra grit
  5. Use unique planters
  6. Pot with a wide base to grow veg up a trellis
  7. Herbs in hanging baskets min 35cm, for alpine strawbs
  8. One pot salad – grow stuff you can quickly gram
  9. Grow bush tomatoes in a pot, sweet 100 and totem
  10. Adult vine weevle will notch evergreens, shake the bush at night to get rid of them