Meeting 1 – Mike Davey
Meeting 1 – Mike Davey

Meeting 1 – Mike Davey

The first meeting of Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners got well underway on Monday night. The evening started with a familiar face, Judy Thomas, the outgoing chairman introducing and proposing the group of volunteers who have relaunched the new club. A quick overview from all the volunteers gave new and old members of the group to put faces to names and hopefully see that the group is in safe hands for the next year. The group highlighted how this year, everything is about the members, with them hopefully influencing the activities and the talks that occur throughout the year.

With formalities over, Anne Turner, the new chair of the group introduced a familiar face, Mike Davey  (retired Research Officer and lecturer from the Plant Science Department at the University of Nottingham,), to give a talk on ‘Allotment Gardening – Vegetables for all seasons.’ Mike’s talk was packed full of useful information, such as breeds of vegetables, tips for being thrifty and of course, a few tales that were met with a room filled with laughter. From some historical facts about local allotments to how to get the best out of your compost, there was something for everybody in Mike’s talk. We are pretty certain that everybody took away at least one thing they are going to implement, however, in case you didn’t catch something, we have pulled out our top 10 hints and tips from Mike’s talk below:

  1.  Buy your seeds in Bulk and split them up 
  2. Make your own compost bin
  3.  Use blue water pipe rather than expensive cloches
  4.  Plant and dig in green manure
  5. Dig your bean and pea plants in to add nitrogen to the soil
  6.  Cover carrots and parsnips with fleece to stop greenfly
  7.  Leave nettles around compost bins for a quick and easy boost
  8. Buy your potatoes the first week in January
  9. Watch out for problem resistant seeds – problems can still occur
  10. Don’t leave your shed unattended too long – it may go missing!!!

All in all, the first meeting was brilliant for setting the tone for the rest of the year. Plenty of information, lots of chance to talk to other members and plenty of smiles all around! 

Don’t forget that the next meeting is the 15th October at 7:30  with a talk from Rachel Barrowcliffe: ‘Spring planting. Bulbs and lasagne layering.’