Garden Project: Laura Hallam
Garden Project: Laura Hallam

Garden Project: Laura Hallam

Most of us probably see our gardens as a project, either to get it to a stage where we can enjoy it with a little bit of maintenance, or a never ending labour of love, finishing one area and swiftly moving on to revamping the next. Either, way if you have a tiny bit of land or a couple of acres, there is plenty to be done, and we all have our big plans for our garden. So, as we have a new platform to share content with you, we figured it would be nice to follow a couple of projects that our members have going on. That’s what our Garden Projects series is about, carry on reading to find out what our first Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners Project looks like.

Laura Hallam

Laura is a new member of Cropwell Bishop Growers and Gardeners and after a quick chat, we just had to follow her project. Laura has decided to fully overhaul her garden, a brave decision looking at the image here, with a lot of back breaking work ahead. Laura wanted to take the garden back to the soil, giving her a blank canvas to start from to achieve her goal. At this point Laura made the wise decision to get a digger involved – definitely a smart choice looking at the amount of work needed.

So the digger did the trick, making short work of clearing the garden back to flat land.With a lot of weeds, rocks, and debris gone, it has really begun to open up the space, making the area look a lot bigger and really giving Laura a chance to see what she is working with. The garden now reveals a good space and plenty of room to have different areas for different purposes. What was left was to get the area ready for a nice are of turf, so Laura got stuck in turning over the area by hand. Another wise choice from Laura here, she called in help from another machine, using a rotavator to take the edge off of all this work. We definitely like the work smarter not harder approach! A perfect blank canvas now sits waiting for the next stages of the project. In the meantime РLaura tackled the wall Рpainting it white again really opens up the space, gives a clean look and makes the whole area look brighter.

So Laura’s project is well underway, and the difference already is massive. Laura wants to get some ideas from the speakers this year, but she already has a rough plan of what she want’s to do as you can see here. 

If you have any advice for Laura, please say hello at the next meeting and help her out in any way you can. Similarly, if you have a big project like Laura’s or even a the smallest corner to add a new feature, let us know and we would love to follow your project. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the website for the next part of Laura’s revamp!