Arkwright Community Gardens
Arkwright Community Gardens

Arkwright Community Gardens

Well it’s safe to say Rachel’s was one of those people where you sit back and are just impressed. Well I certainly was. Just listening to the enthusiasm and the ability to bring together a community with what was baron wasteland. Listening to the good the Community garden does, from helping out the local school, providing a nice place to visit, selling produce and educating locals, I’m sure you were all astounded to think that all this is done in one site.

One thing I really wanted to mention in writing this, was Rachel’s attitude to local ‘youths’ who take it upon themselves to damage the work they had put in. We see more and more of this, and whether it is getting worse or if it is simply our exposure to it, I loved Rachel’s attitude. Instead of moaning (and probably heading to social media to complain about it), the attitude at Arkwright was to educate them. Get them in, give them a few gruelling jobs, a few nice jobs, but still reward them with a ‘biscuit and hot chocolate.’ Well it was just refreshing to hear!

I divulge, and now it’s time to probably get on with what you came here for. Our top ten points of Rachels talk:

  1. Local companies are your friend – They have to give back some way
  2. Plant by the phases of the moon
  3. Aim for funding over long periods of time
  4. Try to keep something growing in the garden at all times
  5. Tandori oven that people can pay to use
  6. Native hedging for berrys for us and wildlife
  7. Community has access, including school, everyone can benefit
  8. There is plenty of volunteering opportunities
  9. They sell their produce!
  10. Visit the garden or even hire the room

Lots more information can be found on the Arkwright community garden website Including opening times and upcoming events. we may even look to do a visit in the future, so let us know if you are interested.