Cropwell Bishop Growers & Gardeners

Cropwell Bishop Growers & Gardeners

Cropwell Bishop Growers & Gardeners

The Gardening Club of Cropwell Bishop

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Meeting 4 – Tracey Beaty

Tracey Beaty joined us for something a little different in January. Normally we have experts on how to grow better, how to encourage a better... Read More "Meeting 4 – Tracey Beaty"

Meeting 3 – Rachel Barrowcliffe

It's always a pleasure to see Rachel stood at the front of the old school. You know you are in for an exciting talk with... Read More "Meeting 3 – Rachel Barrowcliffe"

AGM 2019 & Jeff Bates

Here we go. As the nights draw in, unfortunately we have less time to spend out in the garden, well unless we use floodlights and... Read More "AGM 2019 & Jeff Bates"

Arkwright Community Gardens

Well it's safe to say Rachel's was one of those people where you sit back and are just impressed. Well I certainly was. Just listening... Read More "Arkwright Community Gardens"